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B.I.T.S is an Australian–owned company specialising in information technology (IT) solutions to corporate and government clients since 1996. BITS is committed to providing a complete and professional networking solution. BITS commands satisfaction.



B.I.T.S was first established in March 1996. Our research showed us that many of our fellow support providers were under performing and not fulfilling the promises and commitments they were making. It is pitfall that many in the industry seem to get caught in, perhaps because of the high demand for skilled IT people. We see a great deal of improvement for small to medium sized businesses that are not getting the support they need. As a result, our focus is to support these businesses with our policy of “We Come To You” ensuring that our customers get the kind of specialised support they need. We specialise in the set up and support of business computing. It is with great confidence that we look forward to getting your call and providing your business with "Computer Assistance” you need.

BITS plans to become the technical solution provider for local business and become the friendliest IT service available while continuing to build upon our existing customer base. Our profile will shift to networking and internet based solutions for business. Furthermore, we will continue to develop new relationships with the industry’s leading vendors, therefore ensuring the best possible prices and product availability while providing office technology solutions.

To apply our market experience as being your one-stop supplier for providing integration and technical support services as a proficient systems integrator serving local markets.



  • All Services are availbale on bulk hour and may be purchased as SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENT (SLA)


We sell services to small and medium sized businesses. Our focus is to support exclusively these businesses with our policy of “We Come To You” ensuring that our customers get the kind of specialised support they need, not some half measure scenario where our customers like yourself are forced to bring hardware in for support because you are tied to our location.

This has been achieved because we do not regard ourselves as a traditional retail, shop-front focused support provider. Importantly, what this has led to is lower pricing because we do not have to carry large stock levels on our shelves, and we have avoided employing shop floor sales staff, passing further savings again onto our customers.


BITS IT designs, installs and maintains end-to-end IT infrastructure and networks for small to medium-sized enterprises. Our goal is to help our clients to not only outsource IT problems, but to insource IT solutions. With your network managed by BITS IT you will:

  • Access industry-leading technical expertise.
  • Sharpen your focus on your core business.
  • Increase your internal IT efficiency.
  • Stay current with cutting edge technology.

Our personnel represent the cream of today's IT professionals and include Microsoft Engineers, each with a proven track record of providing support to major organisations. At all times you can feel confident that your network is functioning at peak performance or, if a problem should arise, a trained professional is on the case to solve the problem.

If your IT network has grown beyond 20 desktop PC's, and is complicated by the need for a number of servers, routers or databases. BITS IT has the skills, the experience and the resources to deliver an unprecedented new level of confidence, cost-effectiveness and control for your organisation.


On-Site PC Support Service
Virus Protection
Email set-up & Internet access support with monitoring
Web Page Design and configuration
Delivery, Installation and configuration
Advice on software suitability and availability
Internet Sharing over the network for seamless integration
Windows maintenance & performance tune-up
Professional advice on upgrade paths
Installation and removal of applications
Optimising individual PC performance and start up times
Peer to Peer and Client Server network installation
Cabling, patch panels, switches & hubs
Troubleshooting network activity
Local and network printing support
Extended Onsite liaison with other IT service providers
Data Backup
Disk Space Management & Disk Image Download
Secured network areas for different groups
User Training




  Support -  Unleash your worries and let the experts do the work.  





We focus on issues found in the Customer Service with our clients. This enables us to provide reputable services, benchmarking, and networking opportunities for other customers. We take pride in the work we do so we do it right the first time every time.

We can help you take it easy when it comes to computing. So let us do all the worrying for you while you get out there and be more productive

Network support can be purchased in block through Service Level Agrrements.


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