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B.I.T.S is an Australian–owned company specialising in information technology (IT) solutions to corporate and government clients since 1996. BITS is committed to providing a complete and professional networking solution. BITS commands satisfaction.



B.I.T.S was first established in March 1996. Our research showed us that many of our fellow support providers were under performing and not fulfilling the promises and commitments they were making. It is pitfall that many in the industry seem to get caught in, perhaps because of the high demand for skilled IT people. We see a great deal of improvement for small to medium sized businesses that are not getting the support they need. As a result, our focus is to support these businesses with our policy of “We Come To You” ensuring that our customers get the kind of specialised support they need. We specialise in the set up and support of business computing. It is with great confidence that we look forward to getting your call and providing your business with "Computer Assistance” you need.

BITS plans to become the technical solution provider for local business and become the friendliest IT service available while continuing to build upon our existing customer base. Our profile will shift to networking and internet based solutions for business. Furthermore, we will continue to develop new relationships with the industry’s leading vendors, therefore ensuring the best possible prices and product availability while providing office technology solutions.

To apply our market experience as being your one-stop supplier for providing integration and technical support services as a proficient systems integrator serving local markets.


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