Web Page Design



BITS Technology can provide you with web page design, domain name registration, web hosting, e-mail setup and much more.


We scan images, take photos of your business or any other graphics you would like to include in you web page. With BITS, you'll know the total cost of your project right from the start.


Our packaged setup have been prepared to give you the features that you need, to get you started on the WEB. The price includes: graphics design, photo-imaging, HTML, testing, & uploading to server. Hosting includes:





Domain name registration

999 pop accounts name@yourcompany.com

30 Mb Web space

Access counter

10 e-mail links.

Digital Scanning

Company logo, up to 6 graphics

Entry level site.

20 Page layout

Graphics or Company Logos of your choice

On site digital photo reproduction

Information request form. Includes design and graphics.

Product information site

Form for requesting more information.


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